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Continuous Integration, Development & Innovation with DevOps

As stated in this article by Bill Kleyman in, DevOps is a great strategy to adopt in order to navigate the IT world which needs to support complex, distributed applications using new technologies that are spread across systems in multiple locations, including on-premise data centers, the public cloud and hosting providers.

DevOps, however, isn’t a one platform environment and needs a shift in the way the whole organization thinks and behaves. That said, once DevOps is implemented, you can reap the benefits of continuous innovation. To reach this stage, however, the company will have to explore their business and their development processes in detail.

Here are some tips and best practices to reach the state of continuous integration, development, and innovation:

Stay in Control of Apps and Code

Code creep can sneak up on you – one day everything will be working as expected, and then out of the blue, you’ll be called upon to do a service upgrade, and finally, understand the full extent of the problem. To avoid this, work on a better release and development process as soon as possible – this will save money and prevent problems later on.

DevOps to the Rescue

Expand your thinking around the methodology and come to understand how it can impact every aspect of your business. The approach can bring about continuous integration, development, and innovation.

Stop Only Thinking On-Premise

On-premise activities can be laden with problems. Therefore, see if you can work with cloud solutions. This will broaden the capabilities of the methodology by leveraging a platform for continuous innovation.

Learn to Revolutionize Data and Key Services

The data wrapped around your services are of profound importance to your business. However, don’t shy away from evaluating these services to examine how cloud and microservices can help.

It’s important to conclude that DevOps isn’t just an upgrade on coding and development processes. In fact, DevOps can impact every part of your business. It’s time to look at DevOps as it can, along with a new cultural shift, bring about a state of digital transformation in your enterprise.

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