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Avoid these Five Technology Related Project Management Mistakes

The huge benefit of SaaS products is that they reduce operational time and let businesses concentrate on their core functions – that is why businesses are using them at an increasing rate. However, as this article in describes, there are five project management mistakes that must be avoided in order to take full advantage of this technology.

1. Lack of Objectives

A lack of clear objectives will be a hindrance to the employment of SaaS products. Further, businesses should look for tools that fit into their niche, while also trying out trial versions of tools before committing to them. Using the DUMB rule will be helpful.

2. Lack of Training

It is foolhardy to expect team members to learn how to use project software all by themselves, as every one of them has different levels of technological expertise. Therefore, team trainings should be conducted to make each member aware of their role in the CMS, how to track their own tasks, and how the software functions as a whole. Training reduces the chances of mistakes.

3. Project Prioritization

With so many projects running parallelly, team members can easily get sucked into devoting too much energy towards low-priority projects. A project management CRM can be useful, as it will allow the admin to prioritize projects in a way that is obvious to the entire organization. Other ways to improve prioritization include, the use of Workfront, a project management software and to simplify the workflow with smaller components.

4. Reporting Issues

While the use of project management tools for in-house and remote employees does make sense, it also does pose a reporting dilemma. There is a lack of clarity in filing performance reports, and also who the right person to communicate with is. This reporting problem can present several hurdles to businesses. Time tracking tools, and the creation of performance scales at the beginning of every month while syncing measures with the project management tool could remove these problems.

5. Communication is Key

Members using CRMs shouldn’t feel isolated just because they are using a cloud-based system. To make sure this doesn’t occur, discussions of project guidelines like deliverable reviews, regular status check-ins, and one-on-one team communications will help keep morales from sagging.
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Sapna Hiremath

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