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5 Success Tips that Companies Must Learn from the 2018 World Cup Winner

France, the 2018 World Cup winner, returned home without the cup for two years and then 2018 happened. Head coach Didier Deschamps and France’s soccer federation created a long-term strategy. In this strategy+business article, Ben Lyttleton and James Eastham reveal their 5 success tips that companies must learn from the World Cup winner.

Success Tips from the World Cup Winner

Under Deschamps’ captainship, France won the World Cup 20 years ago. After being appointed as a coach in 2012, he brought about some changes in the team’s behavior under his tutelage. Below are the 5 success tips that organizations can learn from the 2018 World Cup winner:

  1. Measuring Success: France’s soccer federation measures the success of the French youth clubs every year. Education qualification, number of professional contracts, and playing for the club’s senior teams form the base criteria for the candidates. To the federation, success goes beyond the profit margin. Talent identification and development, emotionally engaged stakeholders, and a well-balanced setup are important too.
  2. Ready to Adapt: Travel increases adaptability skills and perseverance. 19 out of 23 French players had played abroad. Three of the on-field leaders shifted to different countries when they were teenagers. In fact, the French players have played for foreign clubs more than the other four major soccer leagues. Companies must encourage employees to accept diversity in the workplace by exposing them to more cultures.
  3. Driving Motivation: Benjamin Pavard played under-19 matches where the French clubs provided the basic necessities. The England team players, however, enjoy great amenities and have security guards to protect them. Lavish lifestyle is an important motivation. Nevertheless, France motivates its players by helping them find soccer more engaging, satisfying, and challenging. As a soccer coach says, “The best places of work are the ones where you don’t see it as work.” Create an environment for the employees where they can seek personal growth too.
  4. Having Faith in Your Game Plan: VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) can give short-term benefits but does not help in sustaining your organization. Though France failed to secure a position in two World Cups, it stuck to its game plan. To know if your strategy can bring success, have some questions answered first. Has the game plan worked earlier for similar conditions? Can the current infrastructure afford it? Does it align with the business goals your company has?
  5. Personal Growth: It is not possible to hire external help whenever you play on a foreign ground. So, France’s soccer federation works on the well-rounded growth of the players. Deschamps says, “They have different personalities and views on life. So you have to be able to tune in to their station.” Enterprises must train in-house resources before outsourcing their work. Otherwise, employees leave due to lack of growth within the company. Increased attrition breaks the habitual workflow of the team that loses the resources and it takes time to fill the gap.

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Indrani Roy

Indrani Roy is currently working as a Content Specialist for CAI Info India. She has knowledge in writing blogs, product descriptions, brand information, and coming up with new marketing concepts. Indrani has also transcribed, subtitled, edited, and proofread various Hollywood movies, TV series, documentaries, etc., and performed audio fidelity checks. She started her career by articulating a knowledge base for an IT client, and, eventually, went on to create user manuals and generate content for a software dashboard. Writing being one of her passions, reading books is naturally her favorite pastime. When not lost in the world of letters, she is a foodie, movie buff, and a theater critic.

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