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Pick the Right Remote Worker in 5 Smart Ways

Forming a great remote team is not as easy as it may seem. There are many building blocks to it like strategic or intended hiring. To scale your venture, the process needs to be thorough, well-documented and effective in identifying potential candidates.

In this article published in, Beth Braccio Hering explains that a realm of factors come into play when telecommuting with remote workers. It is stimulating for the employers to select the right candidate. To do so, leaders can take steps to stack the odds in their favor.

Streamline Process

Success in a conventional work environment does not guarantee similar accomplishment in a remote setting. By picking an upright offshore resource provider, you can swiftly and reasonably target the ideal remote candidate. The hiring process for a remote employee should be more intensive than for an onsite role. Here are some smart ways to absorb the right remote resource:

  1. Overachiever in the Past: It is not mandatory to hunt for an overachiever. But consider the past achievements of the candidates where they went beyond their efficiency. It might have been pitching in for an ailing coworker or volunteering for a project that no one wanted. These instances of pushing the limits showcase their strong work ethics.
  2. Preference of Work: Until you find the desired candidate for a particular role, time zone and location, remote workers can work from anywhere. For remote employers, understanding what kind of work environment suits their potential, a new hire can give better insight.
  3. Pose an Issue: Ideal remote candidates must be aware of countless work issues and problems. They must know ways to tackle them and learn not to let them go. Therefore, during the interview process, judge the candidate’s ability to solve problems. Ask them to share any past experience of handling a tough work situation that helped them gain a new experience.
  4. Ability to Collaborate: The success of remote staff depends on their ability to collaborate. Therefore, never miss judging the collaboration skills of the candidates.
  5. Mind the Motivation: Turning apathetic and disconnected is common for remote employees after a while. To ensure that your star performers do not fall off the radar after a certain period, test their motivational mojo. Ask them how they used to keep themselves connected in their past work experiences.

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