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How to Build a Corporate Learning Culture

Companies that have a learning culture are going to thrive in this digitization era.  With the influx of new technologies, new career options are coming up that were absent three years back. It is necessary for organizations to have a workforce that is ready to try out new avenues. In this Harvard Business Review article, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Josh Bersin give 4 tips to build a corporate learning culture.

Creating a Learning Culture

Companies are seeking candidates that are adaptive and excellent team players. Google, American Express, and Bridgewater Associates have learning as the primary concept of their corporate culture. As per a recent study, only 10 percent of organizations were able to create a learning culture. Per Bersin’s study, companies that encourage their workforce’s learning curve have a 30 percent chance to maintain extended market leadership. Here are 4 ways to build a corporate learning culture:

  1. A Constant Learning Curve: After surveying 700 organizations, Bersin found out that an employee gets an average of 24 minutes of formal corporate training. Organizations know that effective learning could help it grow. However, the majority of the managers prefers performance to learning as employees are unproductive during training. So, you must reward those that show curiosity to inculcate a corporate learning culture.
  2. Feedback: Management is using positive words like “opportunities” instead of “flaws” to boost employee morale. However, it is good to call spade a spade sometimes. Employees need to face the hard truth from managers to understand where they went wrong and correct it. Making a flaw sound positive is detrimental to a learning culture as you fail to point out the problem areas. Encourage managers to provide constructive feedback instead of sugarcoating the entire feedback process.
  3. Role Model: What you as a leader do impacts how your employees behave. If you are a curious learner, it will be infused in your employees too. To increase their hunger for learning, you must start learning new things yourself. Participate in something that is not part of your job profile, but you are willing to learn.
  4. Why So Curious? Curiosity is an inherent quality which you cannot infuse into people, so select candidates that show curiosity. You will get more positive outcomes by training a curious workforce and easily build a learning culture. Match the employees’ curiosity with your training programs to optimize their motivation and performance.

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