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How the CIOs Should Drive Digital Transformation: 7 Tips

While searching on digital transformation, you will find numerous interviews, featured articles, and videos given by CIOs. The role has become synonymous with digitization. In this article at Forbes, Miguel Khouri discusses how the CIOs and their organization can drive digital transformation.

Evolving Roles in Digital Transformation

Due to digital transformation, new jobs, methodologies, and graduate programs are being created. In the earlier days, CIOs had a more passive, administrative role to play in an organization. Today, you are called for meetings that would decide the company budget for the year. In fact, the role requires more strategic thinking than technical know-how now. The CEO depends on you to give direction to the organization. Though the majority of the companies are swaying towards digital transformation, most resist changes. Following are the tips that Khouri think CIOs and their organization can employ to drive the digitization effort:

  1. Vision: CIOs are visionaries, so they must bring ideas to the table. Companies must have an open mind to receive those ideas and brainstorm.
  2. Focusing on IT: Gone are the days when IT matters were siloed to the IT department. Both the CIO and the company should leave the center stage for IT to drive business.
  3. Everyone’s Affair: If you want the workforce and management to take you seriously, talk in their language. Simplify the terms so that it is easy for all to comprehend.
  4. Connecting to Business: Companies still think IT as a black hole where the money goes in but nothing fruitful comes out. Present your ideas that have a potential of tangible benefits to receive more acceptance and attention.
  5. Right Support: Digital transformation is a long-term effort. You need to have enthusiastic supporters by your side to brace the challenges together. Gather the believers and gain buy-ins before and after initiating the digital transformation.
  6. Effective Communication: The business owners have agreed to sanction a hefty budget for the digitization effort. Make them understand what you are doing to avoid withdrawal of support at a crucial juncture.
  7. External Consultancy: Majority of the companies hire one resource for the CIO post. You might be a technology nerd but you still need some handholding with the business. Do not hesitate to seek external help to get an objective viewpoint about the company’s business.

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