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How Can AI and Automation Help Project Managers? 6 Benefits

AI and automation are soon to become operational for project managers. Despite the mass insecurity of job cuts, these technologies will help free up the workforce to do more critical work. In this article at PMTips, Nathan Sykes shares the 6 benefits AI and automation will bring in for project managers.

6 AI and Automation Benefits

While change is the only constant, the human workforce is fearing the consequence of the proliferation of AI and automation. However, there are some beneficial aspects too. Below are the benefits that AI and automation can bring for project managers:

  1. Quicker Delivery: Automation will do the repetitive tasks for you without any human error. Additionally, AI will monitor the timeline and update you regarding the progress of the work. Since parts of the project are done due, project managers can freely use their cognition for the complex issues. This helps to finish the project faster.
  2. Reduction of Risks: Automation reduces the risk of a project failure by a significant amount. The AI can analyze weather patterns and historical data to calculate accurately how long the flights should be delayed. Automation warns the project managers about system failures beforehand or instantly. This allows them to immediately address the situation without delay.
  3. Memory Bank: AI stores historical data, learns to detect patterns, and improves its approach towards the job at hand in the future. If your employee takes a different path to reach a conclusion, AI can learn from that too. However, in the initial stages, project managers and the teams must help the AI choose the correct path.
  4. Managing Resources: While AI works towards finishing up your repetitive tasks, it also tracks employee performance. The project managers will have objective reports on the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. Meanwhile, automation uses the exact resources and finishes the tasks with minimum waste and errors. This saves the company money, resources, and time.
  5. Faster Communication: Since the work is being automated, any updates regarding that will also be automated. The AI will notify or warn the project managers regarding the project progress over the phone. This will reduce the hours spent on meetings and emails for project updates. Faster communication gives everyone more time to find an effective solution. As all the communications are recorded and open to all, there is less chance of misunderstanding or blunders.
  6. Benefits to the Employees: As automation is doing the mundane work for the employees, companies can efficiently use the human workforce for complex jobs. You can try acquiring new skills that address your creative mindset and excite your curiosity. Project managers will be willing to encourage their employees to take up more responsible roles and grow within the company.

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