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No More Conventional Meetings! Daily Stand-Ups Takeover

For years, people complain about extended multiple meetings in project management. Many drop the idea of getting into this field considering the hours of meetings in it. Experts suggest that most of the project managers spend almost half of their working time in meetings.

In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Carla Rudder explains why taking daily stand-ups over conventional meetings is essential if an organization wants fast growth.

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The author states that most of the IT professionals still believe that daily stand-ups are hard to manage and stick to their traditional way of working. Its high time that organizations ignoring all the benefits of daily stand-ups must look for ways to implement it in their work culture. Let’s see how:

  1. Interruption to Productivity: Conventional meetings are time consuming and lengthy. Reason being to attend such meeting, one needs to organize notes, postpone the work in progress prior to the meeting that means loss of productivity already. Finally, sitting in the meeting, most of the attendees think about their pending work on the desk and miss the essential points. Now switch it with daily stand-ups that are shorter, purposeful discussions wrapped up in less time and extend more productive results.
  2. Delivers Value: In comparison with conventional long hour meetings, the daily stand-ups cut to chase to-the-point discussions that the teams need. By removing waste, and empowering teams to move more quickly, stand-ups help in achieving project goals fast. It also allows leaders to become agile in decision making.
  3. Sharing Vision: Being conducted on a daily basis (mostly), the stand-ups keep project teams focused and aligned to a common goal. They help to identify problems as soon as they appear, connect the teams and leave no room for confusion among the team members.
  4. Better Workflow: The visualization of workflow in daily stand-ups leads to more engaging discussions. It also makes the team members accountable to each other, not just the boss. It enables the teams, even if finds it complex to the adaptive system, to learn, reflect, and then adapt.
  5. Easy to Start & Adopt: The daily stand-ups do not need any extraordinary preparations. Once the team leads or project managers are willing to implement it, all they need to do is mark the calendar or send invites to the team. After two-three stand-ups, each member will be ready with their daily updates.

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