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Can You Identify Your Mobile Product Manager?

Do you want to work in the world of mobile app development? And, you do not have any clue about the prospective product manager’s attitude, method of work, and behavior, apart from the expectations from you. Then, be ready to deal with these characteristics in the future.

In this article at Business2Community, Hannah Levenson defines types of mobile product managers existing in the world of app development. Knowing about their traits will help you guard yourself well and strategize beforehand to deal with them.

The Role Play

The product managers are mini CEOs who understand the product strategy and align them with the overall company strategy. They have a product vision that helps in generating customer value and differentiating their products from the competitors. This would help in evolving and developing a long-term roadmap. Here are some product managers you may come across if your work in the field of mobile app development:

  1. The Buzzword Fanatic: These are those professionals who talk about productivity, time and other fancy terms like ‘agile’, ‘blockchain’, ‘MVP’, and ‘net promoter score’. These are the most commonly used terms by them. Yet, they fall short of words if asked about instant product improvement strategy.
  2. The Spiritualists: These product managers are highly dependent on destiny and law of attraction. While developing an app, they get carried away with the idea so much that they end up embracing that your product is a ‘hero’. They believe that their product can surpass the user’s expectations.
  3. The Timesaver: These are also known as ‘cut to chase’ product managers. This type of mobile product managers hate to use multiple dashboards and prefer to spend less time in presumptions. Instead of talking about the problems, they give preference to the tools that matter. They do not prefer to waste a single minute. Surely, tough to deal with!
  4. The Edgy One: ‘Be different’ is the motto of these product managers. They appreciate ‘new age’ or ‘out of the box’ ideas. They believe that mobile app best practices are for those who want to ease their way. If given a chance, they would create a revolutionary new wave of development or throw away product cycles altogether.
  5. The Number Geeks: These product managers are more reactive than proactive. They love to play with numbers and prefer to make their product metrics to support a specific initiative.

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