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6 Professional Barriers That Should Never Be Crossed

The relationship between a boss and employee depends on their compatibility and the rapport they share. However, in a professional environment, there are certain limits that a boss should never cross while dealing with his/her team member. In this article at TechRepublic, Toni Bowers lists out six ways to tell that your boss has crossed the line of professional behavior.

The Code of Conduct

Most leaders fail to identify their own loopholes and understand they have crossed the professional code of conduct with their employees. Here’s how they do it:

A Reference to Salary

Your monthly/annual emoluments are private and confidential information and not to be discussed in a public forum. So, if your boss is often making a remark to salary or incentives and stating them as ‘too high’ or ‘too low’ then that is a professionally unaccepted behavior. This reference can put you down in front of other team members and affect your future earning prospects as well.

Open Criticism

If you are at fault or have made a serious mistake that requires criticism or further discussion, then that should be done in a closed room. No one in your office has the right to criticize or reprimand you on the floor.

Illogical Hopes

Team leaders or managers have the responsibility to task you with the work, annual goals, etc. There can be tough work requests at times. However, if you feel constantly pressurized to work under unreasonable deadlines or work items then you need to seriously bring the matter to the management’s notice.

Too Much Personal Interaction

A good leader should never discuss too much of his/her personal life at the office. But in case he does, then it’s your job to bring the discussion back to the professional aspects.

Unfitting Comments

Any kind of sexual or physical remark about your personal appearance is beyond the professional code.

Biased Approach

If your boss constantly compares your working ability to your sex, race, age, sexual orientation, or religion, then that is a professional offence.

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