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3 Ways CIOs Can Influence CEOs to Back IT

Though IT has taken a center stage in the digital transformation, CIOs still cannot convince CEOs to think about IT strategically. A recent survey explains that 52 percent of the leaders confirmed to performing a more strategic role now. However, 38 percent report that their CEOs believe their role as a ‘cost center’ instead of a ‘revenue generator.’ In this article at CIO, Isaac Sacolick shares 3 ways that CIOs can influence CEOs to back IT.

How to Make IT More Strategic

CIOs can finally raise the technology scope from a reactive role to a more prominent, pioneering position. Nevertheless, only 7 percent report that their CEOs and board strongly believe in IT generating any revenue. An alarming 38 percent think that their CEOs do not have a proper understanding of their role. However, 32 percent are in the process of redefining their old image. Sacolick, the recipient of TechTarget’s CIO Award, shares 3 ways you can convince CEOs to include IT in their business strategy.

  1. Understanding Customer Experience: You can generate revenue when the customers buy your products or services. The sales department deals with the customer-facing activities more than any of the other processes. In a small organization, it is possible for you to keep a sharp eye on the sales services. For an MNC, you must know where IT can optimize processes and increase customer satisfaction. Invest your time thoughtfully to build up a rapport with the sales department. Analyze all data to figure out the gap between customer needs and your company’s current services to improve customer experience. Find out the functions and processes that you can help optimize. Back your vision with these insights during the board meeting.
  2. Connecting IT to Business: If you want CEOs to include IT on a more strategic level, you must give them the reason for it. Actively participate and understand where the business is heading or plans to head in the future. Form a product management team that would come up with ideas that are more aligned with the business goals. Regardless of your company size, you must gather information about customers and market competitors. The business cases must be innovative and should provoke sponsors to approve implementation. Additionally, pick the right time to pitch your ideas more effectively.
  3. Teaming Up with Agile Leaders: Agile leaders are open to changes and innovative ideas. They prefer informed decision making rather than following orders. They will back your vision if that has the potential to improve business functions and processes. So, enable them to advocate innovations that modernize the company outlook. For example, establish DevOps best practices and automate functions for efficiency with the help of the agile team. You can educate employees about security measures to ensure data governance. In short, team up with people that are nimble enough to consider your cause.

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