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10 Useful Internet Trends for IT Leaders

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Beyers partner Mary Meeker has recently published the much-anticipated internet trends report. While the smartphone popularity has somewhat stabilized, the report could not find a lot of new internet consumers. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Kevin Casey lists 10 quick internet trends useful for IT leaders.

10 Internet Highlights for IT Leaders

Since its first rollout, Meeker’s internet trends report has always been a hot topic to talk about. She publishes it every spring so that business leaders get detailed insights into the internet landscape. Following are the internet trends that the recent report has focused on.

  1. AI on the Rise: Technology giants are focusing on AI this year and facing a tough competition from China. As per a Morgan Stanley survey cited in the report, 48 percent of CIOs are going to pour big bucks on AI and machine learning.
  2. Customer Satisfaction: While Dropbox appealed more to corporate users, Slack gained popularity among consumers. Enterprises are taking employee experiences into account and upgrading in-house apps and software for better client experience.
  3. Going Digital: Consumers took 80 years to get used to dishwashers but just 10 years to adapt to the internet, as per Recode. With the increase in cloud storage facility and mobile technologies, it is becoming easier to go digital.
  4. Living in the Transformation Age: Meeker has marked the period before the 18th century as “Cultivation & Extraction.” The period between 19th and 20th centuries is “Manufacturing & Industry.” She has tagged the 21st century as the ‘period of compute power and human potential.’
  5. Data-Driven Culture: Amazon, Google, and Netflix are keeping their customers happy through massive data collection. That means you need to collect and analyze data to understand how customers respond to your business campaigns and act accordingly.
  6. Privacy Concerns: To receive customer loyalty, you need to collect user information and provide them with services that resonate with them. This does not come free. In this ‘privacy paradox,’ companies must decide what to forget and what to retain for better customer experience.
  7. Sophisticated Threats: The internet trends report shows how the hackers also are making use of the technological innovation. The volumes of malware and cloud breaches are on the rise.
  8. Continuous Learning: To stay relevant, consumers in this internet age need to learn continuously. The influx of online education courses on websites like Coursera are gaining acceptance. Machine learning, algorithms, and blockchain are some of the popular IT topics.
  9. Collaboration Apps: Slack, Dropbox, and Zoom are collaboration apps that do more than just messaging. They are a hub for information, opinions, and communication.
  10. Importance of Tech Companies: 25 percent of U.S. market capitalization is taken over by tech companies. They are also enhancing and influencing research and development in new areas.

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Indrani Roy

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