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How to Get Started with the Tough Tasks: Better Late Than Never

In our work life, most of us face a situation when we try to put off certain tasks that might be important to us. Reason being that we are often scared to deal with tough tasks. It could be something like writing a delicate mail or preparing a business proposal. We try to delay such tasks thinking that something might go wrong. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Peter Bregman shares why is it important to start the tasks that have been pending for long.

The Transition

As a human being, our body and minds are quite adaptable to everything new. It’s often our own outlook that stops us from adjusting to the change or dealing with a tough task. However, this transition is not tough itself. You just need to get going. The most productive people steer through such situations and get started with the task leaving their fear behind. Here are some effective tips that could help you get started:


You need to find your willpower at the right moment. If you wait for too long to gather the willpower, you are unlikely to find it. Just push yourself through the moment and get to the other side before it’s too late.


Ignore what your mind says and continue your habit of taking up the hard tasks. This repetitive practice will drain the fear and hesitance out of you. You are likely to appear more confident and positive about your approach and methods.


Gradually you will stop feeling the pain of this transition. You shall be mentally and physically adapted to your new working style. Keep this adaptability quotient constant.

So, move from comfort to discomfort and discourage procrastination to the best possible extent. To read the original article in full, visit the following link:

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