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How CIOs Can Scale Up Their Game: 8 Actionable Tips

Just like software, CIOs must also upgrade their skills to be relevant. Being selfish is good for your career because organizations prefer someone with a great learning curve. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Stephanie Overby discusses 8 actionable tips that CIOs can use to scale up their game.

8 Areas CIOs Must Upgrade

Karen Brown, an executive coach and consultant, explains that to be innovative, your body and mind should function flawlessly. Organizations depend on their CIOs to lead the market. To stay on top of your game, the following are some actionable tips you can implement:

1.    Assess Yourself:

Avenue Group founder Jeremy Greenberg advises that you must compare your work hours, stress level, and productivity daily. If the workload is too high, do not expect help from others or hope that it would lessen someday. Find smart ways to reduce stress while achieving your goals.

2.    Integrate Instead of Acting in Silos:

Brown reports that millennials get work done faster when they prioritize work and life whenever necessary. It is impossible to save evenings and weekends for personal time-off nowadays. So, instead of designating specific hours, be flexible to go with the flow.

3.    Different Styles for Different Work:

Greenberg informs that whatever style works for your leader or work hero might not work for you. Try out different work styles in different areas. Find out the styles that worked optimally for you and identify areas that showed increased proficiency.

4.    Find Time for Reflection:

Hurry Slowly podcast host Jocelyn K. Glei insists that CIOs must self-reflect to stay innovative. Stroll down the front garden, scribble something, or just watch people. Allot yourself a time each day to enhance problem-solving skills and relax your stress muscles.

5.    It Is Okay to be Off Limits:

Amy Jen Su, the managing partner of Paravis Partners, says that you must know how to say no. You cannot make everything go as planned but you can clarify what they can expect from you. Create channels so that any query raised in your absence can be addressed without losing momentum.

6.    Forgive Yourself:

Industry demands CIOs to be top-notch players. However, when you face failures, do not beat yourself up. After a decade-long research on self-compassion, Dr. Kristen Neff says there are three self-consoling steps. Acknowledge how difficult the situation was. Understand that difficulties are a part of your life and be kind enough to move on.

7.    Exercise:

Though extracting time for exercise seems too much for CIOs, Brown insists that it revitalizes their brain and body. It is a great stress-buster, enhances your thinking process, and optimizes your work ability. Some weight-lifting exercises, Tabata drills, etc. are good enough to set the mood.

8.    Connect with Loved Ones:

Jona Genova, a meditation and mindfulness trainer, observes that humans are social animals. Relationships energize you and build better immunity. Socializing also increases bonding and you feel a sense of belonging.

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