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7 Sectors That Need Project Management System

It is a preconceived notion that project management is ruled by IT industry. But the ground reality is that right from the food industry to construction and even in automobiles, project management is applicable everywhere.

In this article at PM Tips, Kritika Pandey presents how project management is evolving to an extent that it is profiting from all the big industries.

PM in Industries 

By keeping the basic elements of a network plan common, the software vendors can make project management system user-friendly. The author lists out few rapidly growing industries that can practice project management to reform business development.

  1. FMCG Sector: To deal with tangible goods, sharp planning is crucial while keeping yourself future ready. FMCG sector needs stock and inventory management to meet growing the demands. In fact, in the later phase, the FMCG sector must align manufacturing and shipping. Project management can act as a single checkpoint to manage all these necessities while ensuring product delivery within time and budget.
  2. IT Industry: IT projects are more than just writing codes. They include cloud computing, network upgrades, business analytics, virtual rollouts and hardware installations. The IT manager cannot handle all this alone. But with a project management system, the IT manager could track down time-consuming tasks, high priority processes, and big budget activities while keeping track of the employee’s productivity.
  3. Construction Industry: Planning and cross-checking is the crux of this industry. Minor mistakes may cause irreversible blunders. Project management will ease resource allocation, track down work progress and other activities.
  4. Manufacturing Industry: This industry needs high-quality product in less time. Most of the activities in the manufacturing process are dependent on each other that leads to delay. Project management can reduce the chances of delay while keeping a close watch on the budget. Even usage of project management tools like ‘Gantt chart’ can widely track down project progress.
  5. Energy Sector: The nature of this industry is risky, challenging and unpredictable. Project management can tone down complex operations like capital, resource, and inventory management. It also specifies the utilization of resources without losing focus from project progress.
  6. Healthcare Sector: To keep the data secure while tracking inventories of medicines alongside other activities, project management is equally essential for this sector.
  7. Pharma Industry: Growing customer needs for quality products at reasonable prices fuel the requirement for project management in this industry.

The author believes that project management can be applied to any type, size or nature of the industry. It streamlines budget, increases profit, productivity, and client satisfaction. To read the full article, click on the following link:


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