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5 Ways to Clear the Mess of a Newly Promoted Manager

An elevated role comes with huge responsibilities and a self-imposed pressure of performance that is not easy to handle by all. Often things go remarkably wrong for the newly promoted managers due to inappropriate approach, wrong attitude or limited awareness.

In this article at Business2Community, Liz Kislik shares some impactful ways to bring back the newly promoted on track and help them show their worth for the post.

Corrective Measures

Promotions bring hidden weaknesses at the surface. Often the one promoted before the expected period take it on head and decide not to challenge themselves to further learn or adopt new skills. While some lack faith on their own capabilities or fear to lose the trust of their teams. Some stop intervening when required due to overconfidence on the team. Either of these circumstances leads to major loss of confidence of the management on the promoted resource.

The author suggests few corrective measures to help the newly promoted bring back their focus and make a comeback with the correct attitude and action plans:

  1. Identify the Cause: Find out the reason why the one you extended enough confidence on suddenly lacks visions. See what is pulling them back and connect the dots between the new responsibility, implementation and their sense of understanding towards it. Extend guidance and support accordingly.
  2. Team Up Again: Instead of accusing or demoralizing them, find ways to fix the matter and team up with them again. Help them understand what is wrong with their strategy and work on improving their weaknesses.
  3. Missing Skill: Be it business acumen, interpersonal or technical glitch, help them fix it by extending your expertise. Coach them or teach them, the choice is yours but make them eligible for the role. Replacing them would cost time and budget with no guarantee of success.
  4. Remind Personal Goals: Every manager has personal growth plans and work targets. Help them recall their goals and motivate them to accomplish them. Remind them what they are capable of and how they have the efficiency to rebuild their tarnished image by hard work, focus and the right
  5. Do Not Wait: Instead of waiting for the newly promoted managers to realize their mistakes and work on improving it, keep a close watch over their movements and let them know where they are lacking. Make sure the situation do not turn difficult for all and take a serious action beforehand to avoid the worst circumstances to appear. Show the real picture to the newly promoted as soon as possible.

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