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What to Do Once You Reach a Career Milestone?

Most professionals set milestones or career targets for themselves once they start in a particular job profile. However, once the milestone is achieved, they are often lost wondering what to do next? Their initial expectations from a career achievement turn out to be quite different from reality. In this article at Strategy+Business, Jesse Sostrin talks about some practical strategies that could make you feel more meaningful at your work.

The Dilemma

Most leaders consider ‘pursuit of success’ as a meaningful purpose in their career. They strive hard to achieve it and then they face a big vacuum not knowing the next move. Sostrin believes that there could be two primary reasons for the same. First is an unrealistic expectation from success. Second is that people focus so much on the end goal that they fail to enjoy the ongoing experiences. So, how do you turnaround this situation and achieve a better meaning to your work? Here’s what you can do:

Define a Purpose

Think of a purpose that really gets you going. Something that is big enough to draw motivation for the longer run. Then see if you can realize this purpose from your career milestones or achievements. Drawing some personal relevance is most likely to be the best inspiring factor for you.

Maintain a Line

Keep your personal meaning separate from achievements. For instance, getting promoted could be an achievement for you and challenging yourself to exceed expectations or thinking out-of-the-box could be a more meaningful experience. Thus, you are less likely to feel overstressed and enjoy your work more.

Inside Edge

If you feel perplexed at any point, then look for answers within yourself. Nobody can do this for you. Try to take inspiration from the culture, leaders, work environment, etc. around you and blend those qualities in yourself.

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Priyanka Chakraborty

Priyanka Chakraborty is a content specialist, currently a part of CAI Info India. She holds diverse experience in content writing spanning domains like Information Technology, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing, Nutrition, Health & Fitness, Photography, Website Design, Career Advancement, etc. In the past, she has worked with the leading job portal of India,, and then moved on to a UK-based online education company, Shaw Academy, before joining CAI India. A writer by day and a reader by night, she loves to explore her creative instincts further in art and painting.

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