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Try These 5 Smart Tools to Lift High Your Sales

Sales are as essential to a venture as initial capital to a business. Even though there are hundreds of strategies and guidance available online to improve selling, some smart tools have been designed to encourage sales teams and improve their productivity.

In this article at Business2Community, Susan Friesen separates five tools out of hundreds that are specifically designed to improve sales and deliver better ROI.

It’s Show Time

Using numerous online tools built for increasing sales, even a small business can improve its ROI. These tools are designed to increase customers and assist in bringing more profit. Here are five must-have sales tools for small businesses:

  1. SumoMe: It’s a collection of over 12 free tools that help in raising the website’s conversion rates. It helps in optimizing content and email subscribing. You can start optimizing the email list with a welcome mat, scroll box, and smart bar. The user can produce a high volume of image sharer, highlighter, and other awesome sharing buttons.
  2. CrazyEgg: The tool helps in tracking customer behavior. It’s a low cost, easy to install tool that keeps track of visitors clicks, page scroll, and much more. The tool also demonstrates a heatmap of each page on the website to help you scale up to the visitor’s expectations.
  3. Canva: It’s a photo-editing site that helps in fulfilling basic design needs. Now, the users can easily create digital assets like social media graphics using its free templates.
  4. Mailchimp or aWeber: These web-based email marketing tool helps in designing newsletters, sharing them on social media, integrating with already-in-use services while tracking the traction results. These services are more helpful in creating and sending professional newsletters and advertisements. Mailchimp, Constant Contact and aWeber are a few effective tools suggested by the author.
  5. Hootsuite or Buffer: These tools help in managing social media accounts for the small businesses using one dashboard. It also saves time and patience in dealing with multiple tools or weblinks. Using these smart tools, you can schedule and share your social media posts at the right time of the day. Its in-built analytics system helps in tracking that suitable time of the day when tracking would be easier.

The author suggests that constant experimentation, innovation, and the right use of these tools can bring much better results for small businesses. It helps in generating more sales, better ROI and in turn, faster business growth. Read the original article on the following link:

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