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The Wonders of Time Management

In every domain, the skill of time management comes with experience and knowledge. You might think that you are overstressed with work at times. However, it is always essential to know if you are spending your time on the right things. Only then you can become more efficient at managing time. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Dorie Clark talks about how she gained some great insights on time management and got some inspiration from a time management expert, Laura Vanderkam.

The Four Insights

Rethinking the way, you spend your time can be beneficial to your productivity and lifestyle. Clark shares four different insights that she gained through some self-introspection and rethinking: 

Transformation Through Multitasking

Multitasking seems counterproductive to some people. They might think that working on multiple things at the same time can affect the concentration levels and work quality. However, this is not true always. You can easily listen to a podcast while exercising or read while you eat.

Integration of Personal and Professional Networks

Many professionals prefer work-life balance and maintain a line between their personal and professional life. However, discussing your business strategies with friends or people who are closer to you can give you better business ideas. Likewise, you can socialize within your professional network and build more friends who can help you in the longer run.

Wastage of Certain Hours is Likely

You cannot optimize every minute of your day. Certain hours, especially the ones where you take some time-off, across the day are always likely to be wasted. There is no way you can make use of that time or do any sort of multitasking. For instance, most people spend time on social media during the end hours of the day.

The Psychological Effect 

Clark always believed that she was preoccupied with emails across the day and that was counterproductive. However, once she started tracking her time, she soon realized that she spent less time on emails than she thought initially. This made her realize that she could use that time for more important things like client interaction, networking, reading or maybe socializing.

This time-tracking experiment soon helped Clark to form an opinion about her time management strategy. Clark adds that time management in an invaluable practice. It can play a big role in transforming your productivity and more importantly, your lifestyle.

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