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The Know-How of IT Maturity Assessment

IT maturity assessment is a tough exercise but essential to better operate IT processes. When IT leaders find something is wrong with the process of work, they commission a review to find out the reason behind the issue. This exercise is known as an assessment that comes in diverse shapes and sizes.

In this article at Sits Insight, Steve Morgan unveils what, why, and how about IT maturity assessment to benchmark your current IT capabilities against a fixed scale.

What’s the Need?

The author states that there is a frequent need to assess functions of a service desk, change team, or even request management. If the assessment is bigger and requires numerous functions to be covered, it might include specific service of a new operating system, application or hardware.

Reason Being

The primary reason behind commissioning an assessment is the need for getting an independent and objective view. It helps in extending assurance that the organization is ready to support a major change. It reduces the complexity of issues by breaking them in parts while revealing the causes of specific issues. It collates major IT findings into a single deliverable and provides impetus, direction, and structure to improve the roadmap ahead.

Know How?

To understand how IT assessment works, take a formal approach first to assess the discrete phases, activities, and deliverables. After that, ensure if the core focus areas like people of the organization, services desk processes and technologies are covered along with the third-party support arrangements. Must cover the service desk governance like key performance indicators, operational level agreements, and constant improvement review.

The author informs that the assessment exercise must provide an improvement program and include actionable recommendations in the form of strategic roadmap defining the path ahead. A tried and tested IT assessment approach also needs constant refinement to lead the glorious path ahead. Read the original article on the following link:


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