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Quick Learning of ITSM Basics

Enough has been said and done about IT service management (ITSM). Internet is loaded with guide books, definitions, instances and courses for amateur users. But still many find it difficult to consume all this information.

In this article at ITSM.Tools, Emma Jocelyn shares her personal experience and learning about ITSM basics to help you understand if you are following the right approach.

ITSM Awareness

The author shares when she wanted to change her career, it was difficult to learn about ITSM online. So, she switched to YouTube quick learning videos that made far more sense than sifting through multiple sources.

The next task was to create ITSM basics videos that was challenging yet resourceful. She was expected to cover every aspect of the tool that answers how ITSM helps in daily work and home situations. Here is how she decided to break down ITSM in an informative yet fun way.

Let’s Proceed

Learning ITSM from a formal YouTube video that has a lot of technical jargons is boring. The author shares her video link and assures that her knowledge about the topic is simple and viewers can easily relate with it. Digesting easy yet informative videos help in creating more impact on the users.

The ITSM methods have evolved and included explicit ways to enable and optimize ITIL assessment, planning, and implementation. ITIL describes and documents the best industry practices while ITSM employs them to meet customer requirements.

ITSM manages changes that might cause business disruption. It also helps in fixing things whenever they go wrong along with managing budget. Often people take it as a means of delivering valuable services to the customers, rather than a way to manage technology but ITSM is efficient in managing everything besides IT services for your organization.

The author believes that learning from ITSM videos will help you understand the most commonly used phrases like incident management, change and problem management without referencing google for it. To view the ITSM basic video made by the author, click on the following link:

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