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How to Get Started with AI

The majority of organizations are interested in leveraging AI to their benefit. However, very few of them are willing to take the investment risks. A recent survey by Gartner shows that about 4 percent of CIOs have already implemented AI while a staggering 46 percent of them confirm that they plan to implement AI soon. In this article at Information Week, Jessica Davis shares how a combination of ‘build, buy, and outsource’ strategy might soon help such CIOs to realize their AI dreams.

Build, Buy, and Outsource

Building an AI practice from scratch can surely give you a competitive edge however it requires dedicated time and investment. Outsourcing sounds easy. Many organizations have already tied up with cloud partners like Amazon, Google or Microsoft for the same purpose. But the quickest option to onboard AI is to buy it from a software vendor. Oracle and SAP are among the top software vendors that are already offering AI setups to their customers. Let’s take a quick look at their approach:


Oracle took the lead in announcing the introduction of ‘Oracle Adaptive Intelligence Apps’ in 2017 that applies to varied business functions and has the ability to deliver real-time customer insights. Oracle is further exploring the option of enhancing this intelligent platform by adding advanced analytics and IoT to it.


SAP has their own AI offering termed as ‘SAP Leonardo Accelerators” that promises to deliver a packaged AI experience to customers (integrated with emerging technologies). Methodology, design thinking, and execution are the three important pillars that constitute their AI framework.

What Do You Gain?

These AI offerings from Oracle and SAP are open to all. Even your competitors can buy it from them. So, how do you maintain your competitive edge? The real fact is that AI solutions can be customized based on your business data once you buy them. Your data is always exclusive to your business. Therefore, you need to customize your AI solutions well to achieve the competitive differentiation.

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