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How Leaders Can Achieve Employee Loyalty: 3 Ways

People often talk about how employee loyalty matters to the company and what duties CEOs have towards their employees. Well, CEOs too expect personal loyalty in return. In this article at strategy+business, Theodore Kinni finds out three ways by which you can ensure employees are loyal to you personally.

How to Gain Employee Loyalty

It is extremely important for leaders to know they have employees who will stick with them till the end. If the company faces an economic meltdown or is preparing to explore new territories, you expect the team support you. However, you cannot take it for granted that employees that are loyal to the company will be loyal to you. Following are the three ways you can achieve employee loyalty.

The Vow

You have seen government servants swearing an oath before assuming their posts. Unlike old days, they are promising to fulfill their duty to the country, not to a leader or a king. However, some leaders in the public and private domains manage to make their employees take a personal vow even today. This is loyalty enforcement and people seldom stand by it. Business partners and employees with good work ethics will refuse to blindly follow your instincts. Your insistence on personal loyalty will raise more suspicion than respect.

Punishment for Disloyalty

It constitutes punishing or firing employees that have been disloyal. In the beginning, it might work. The overarching sense of fear and suspicion have helped Adolf Hitler to come a long way. Eventually, it will stop individual and organizational growth. There will be a tendency among employees to go with the flow and keep ideas to themselves. This will cause a general atmosphere of unrest as leaders that prefer forced loyalty change its definition as it suits them. They also face rebellion sooner or later.

The Exchange of Respect

This approach is more sensible and ethical, and employees are loyal voluntarily. They would willingly follow you when you have a genuine interest in their well-being and are true to your words. Treat them as you would treat yourself at work. Being a model example of truth, honesty, and altruism, you would instill the same qualities in the workforce. Having an open mind will generate new ideas to improve your company vision. Empowerment will encourage shared responsibility and ownership among employees.

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Indrani Roy

Indrani Roy is currently working as a Content Specialist for CAI Info India. She has knowledge in writing blogs, product descriptions, brand information, and coming up with new marketing concepts. Indrani has also transcribed, subtitled, edited, and proofread various Hollywood movies, TV series, documentaries, etc., and performed audio fidelity checks. She started her career by articulating a knowledge base for an IT client, and, eventually, went on to create user manuals and generate content for a software dashboard. Writing being one of her passions, reading books is naturally her favorite pastime. When not lost in the world of letters, she is a foodie, movie buff, and a theater critic.

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