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Building Connectivity with Team and Stakeholders

Clarity is the key to effective communication. Even though communication is almost prompt in the corporate world but far beyond the small talks over quick coffee breaks.

In her blog at Susanne Madsen – Developing Project Leaders, the author shares her opinion about the techniques of influencing and holding constant interactions with the team and stakeholders to improve connectivity with them.

Illuminating Talks

Madsen believes that every interaction with others is an opportunity to improve or disrupt connection. Therefore, whenever the project managers interact with the team members or stakeholders, they must try to deepen their connection instead of diminishing it.

She also stresses that people become difficult to deal with if their needs are not met. Most inappropriate or aggressive reaction leads to ruining the relationship forever. Therefore, learn the art of molding difficult conditions and be sensitive to the other’s situation to bring positive results.

Ward Off Negativity

On the professional front, need for power and control also leads to negativity. Read between the lines to get the real cause of pessimism. Maybe the team wants to be listened to, accepted and appreciated by the project managers.

In case the project managers get to deal with negative stakeholders who are unhappy with all the good ideas, the best way to deal is by questioning them. Look for their expectations with the project outcome and see how they want you to explain their decision to the team. This way, the stakeholders feel they are powerful enough to control the project and ward off negativity.

Sometimes, the team members miss to submit their work on time and give excuses to extend the deadline. Instead of yelling on them, ask them to suggest a suitable way to explain the same to the client. This will help them understand your position and they won’t repeat the same again. However, do not blame or accuse them, just politely but firmly deal with the situation.

In case team members or stakeholders keep on behaving negative, first let them raise their concerns with the work progress and see what solution they have. In worst case scenario, ask them to make a list of all the concerns they have and its consequences. The author believes that the most negative person won’t be able to jot down too many negative reasons.

The author suggests a couple of more effective ways to establish a better connection with the team and stakeholders. She stresses on skipping any essential conversation before lunch as hungry mind won’t react well. Extending gratitude in email communication, in advance, will increase the chances of positivity and timely response.

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