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7 Essential Insights to Improve Mobile Email Marketing

For the past couple of years, mobile marketing has gained immense popularity in the world of business. The convenience of sending promotional messages to specific customers while overcoming the barriers of location and time has made it one of the most sought-after marketing tool.

In this article at Business2Community, Andrew Gazdecki shares some essential facts about mobile email marketing to help marketers gain an edge over consumer’s preferences.

Smart Insight

The portable and smart features of the mobile phone have given an advantage to the companies to constantly maintain their visibility for the consumers. However, seamless mobile marketing is a big business challenge because it stresses on techniques, trends, and approaches.

Key Observations

With the fast-changing consumer behavior and marketing strategies adopted by big firms, it is pivotal to stay updated with the latest developments and statistics, thereby ensuring the success of their ongoing or upcoming mobile marketing approach. The most common mobile statistics were identified as:

  1. As per the 2016 Adestra Consumer Adoption & Usage Study, inappropriate display of email due to an oversized image or out-of-place content design may lead to ‘delete in three seconds’ in almost 70 percent cases. In fact, about 15 percent users will unsubscribe the brand, leading to an estimate of 85 percent drop in potential traction. Even though the email content is par excellence, it won’t reach the consumers. The best way to avoid such circumstances is by using responsive email templates and testing it with suitable image and font size. Using buttons instead of links for CTAs is a good idea.
  2. As per a Deloitte report, about 37 percent in-store retail sales are influenced by buyers using mobile. Even the in-store buying behavior of the consumers is highly influenced by digital interaction. Reason being that extensive research helps them invest in reasonably priced products. Thus, they get to compare online prices with the store product and can do a self-checkout (especially in big retail outlets) using store app. The trend is fast gaining traction as the customers can skip long queues.
  3. About 50 percent of mobile users open their emails over the phone, reports Email marketing consultant Emailmonday. However, most of the young users prefer to check email on their smartphones. This clearly impacts the chances of high traction for those brands that target millennials.
  4. Another essential fact to keep in mind is that over 70 percent people check their emails on the mobile app during morning, says a Google report. This implies that the marketers need to schedule their campaign within morning hours. Moreover, testing its appearance beforehand in different mobile screen sizes is a smart way to cover loopholes pertaining to image size, color format, and even content font size.
  5. With high mobile conversion rates, gaining traction over mobile email campaign is essential to the marketers than the desktop clicks. Within a year, the mobile email conversion has gone up to 70 percent, according to the Yesmail Study.
  6. As per the report of Wow Local Marketing, offering best mobile experience is equally essential. About 6.52 percent of customers are likely to leave a brand’s online page if their experience is not up to the mark. Once lost, it would be tough to regain the same customer’s attention. In fact, it would turn beneficial to the rival brands as the customers would turn to them in search of better experience.
  7. A few years back, email optimization for mobile was almost nil. While today, about 73 percent of companies prioritize mobile email optimization. However, to keep themselves upbeat with the emerging trends, businesses need to adopt email strategies like segmentation, personalization, and interactivity says a Smart Insights report.

The author suggests the marketers to visualize, design and implement email marketing campaign in a much-personalized way to gain maximum traction and win customer support. Read the original article on the following link:

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