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6 Tactics to Find the Right Talent

Hiring is a skillful art, particularly in organizations with specialized job profiles. Most of the organizations involve the management teams along with HR departments to source the right talent. Moreover, some firms also employ talent search professionals or consultancies to fulfill their resourcing needs. In this article at TechRepublic, Andy Wolber shares 6 unique tips to identify and source the right talent for your organization.

A Skillful Art

Most organizations are very active when it comes to hiring. However, some firms practice hiring only as a part-time activity. If you aspire to source the potential talent existing in the job market, then it is essential that you apply the right strategies to find them. Here are some tools and tactics listed by Wolber that are more likely to improve your hiring efficiency:

1.    Be Consistent in Job Postings

Maintain a ‘jobs’ page on your website and direct all the third-party job posting links to that page. Take the help of Google Domains or an external third-party job listing service while posting the open job positions. This way the jobseekers can have a single page access to all the job postings that they can save or bookmark.

2.    Take the Help of Google Jobs

Make a random search on Google with the term ‘jobs’. You are likely to find numerous open job positions with an option to filter the search. Google Jobs provides detailed information regarding a position’s employment term, remunerations, location, type, etc. Ask your listing service to support Google Jobs or install the ‘Jobs for WordPress’ plugin on your website.

3.    Promote Sharing

Share the open job openings on social networks like Google+, Slack, Hangouts Chat, Microsoft Teams, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

4.    Use Google Analytics

Link your website to Google Analytics and track the traffic on your website ‘job-related’ pages. IF you can see a surge in the number of people viewing the organization’s history and leadership team then move to the next step.

5.    Promote Company Culture

Ensure that your company profile along with the details related to the leadership board reflects well on your website. You can some videos depicting the company’s vision and work culture.

6.    Move Ahead with Google Hire

If you are very active in terms of hiring, then take the help of software like Google Hire, Zoho Recruit, BambooHR, or recruiterbox to streamline the applicant tracking processes.

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