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4 Wrong Expectations You Have from PPM Software

Project portfolio management (PPM) is a minefield for leaders. You need to know its intricacies and read the fine prints closely before going ahead with a strategy. When you hunt for PPM software, you expect it to help manage those numerous projects in your portfolio. However, the software cannot make decisions on your behalf. Just like the autocorrect feature on your smartphone, it will give you possible solutions. It is you who needs to put on the thinking cap. In this article at Return Leverage, Toby Lucich and Mark Brogna discuss 5 things you should not expect from a PPM software.

PPM Is the Solution, You Are the Problem Solver

We are way more dependent on software and applications than ever before. However, you must bear in mind that these are enablers, not problem-solvers. You still need to rack your brain to come up with a unique solution.

  1. Tweaking Is Necessary: If you think expensive PPM software will automatically understand the areas you are lagging and dole out relevant suggestions, you are wrong. They will bring to focus data anomalies, give you impersonal comparison sheets of improvement areas, and notify change in work processes. They will not understand the organizational value, governance, corporate hierarchy the way you do.
  2. You Are the Decision-Maker: You are the one that is going to analyze all the data and make a call. The onus is on you to prioritize, schedule, and conduct meetings with teams, stakeholders, and sponsors based on the analysis. Even an intuitive PPM software must follow a flowchart. It will not understand how an inactive sponsor can delay your decision-making process.
  3. Software Intuition Is Not Extended to Business Prioritization: No matter what the vendor says, the software cannot be as intuitive as your instincts. The personalized packages also need constant updates and governance. You must feed preferences of work prioritization beforehand to enjoy automated workflow. However, in case of major or sudden changes, the PPM software will fail to reschedule processes for you.
  4. More Projects Does Not Mean More Benefits: A PPM software will help you manage hundreds of tasks for numerous projects or portfolios. However, it fails to capture the benefit you are going to derive.

The job of a project portfolio management software mainly includes tracking portfolio status, sharing or transferring knowledge, monitoring production, and analyzing budgets. You must tweak the PPM software so that it is applicable to the work processes and are aligned with the company objectives.

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