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Why CIOs Need a Bold HR for Digital Transformation

Companies are struggling with the influx of new technologies and CIOs know how disruptive those are. However, digital transformation is the norm of the market. You either get on board with others or become obsolete. A key factor has helped successful CIOs not only to stay afloat in this volatile environment but also to make major headlines in the industry—a strong HR. Dan Roberts and his co-author talk about how CIOs can utilize HR partners to stay ahead in the game.

HR Maturity Levels and Building Relationships

A strategic human resource will not only provide resources as per CIO’s request but also take the front seat while leading digital transformation. They will plan out the workforce so that there is no dearth in talent in terms of quality and quantity. An HR leader is also responsible for creating a healthy culture that responds well to change and innovation. Josh Bersin has concluded in a recent Deloitte report that HR has four maturity levels. His 2-year based report conveyed that 43% of HR partners are reactive and procedural, 23% are functional but fragmented, 22% are empowering, and only 12% are pioneering. HR leaders also become strategic service partners when they reach the highest maturity level, the pioneering stage. Following are the 5 ways to enhance the HR-CIO bond.

Empower HR

A strategic HR will prefer to be in the middle of all the buzz and activities rather than taken actions when directed. Help them understand the full potential of IT and how they can help the company become “digital disruptors.”

Give HR an IT Tour

Majority of HR leaders feel left out as they do not understand the IT landscape. Clear all the doubts and confusions, no matter how ridiculous or obvious they may sound. Make them feel at home with IT terms and terminologies along with technologies and processes.

Involve Them in Your Meetings

Unless they know your strategic viewpoint, they will not understand the skills and resources necessary to build the “right culture, best talent, continuous learning, and internal mobility.”

Get Yourself the Best HR Team

To get the best results, you need to invest in the right HR partner. Support and encourage them to grow.

Help Them Build an Able Workforce

You should be in constant touch with your HR base to let them understand the trends in IT and the sort of talent pool that will make your company a futuristic one.

Your HR partners should be at the top of the maturity level so that they can be your partner in innovation as well as in designing strategy, planning, and department narratives.

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