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How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks?

In this digital age, cyber thefts are a reason to worry for most of the organizations. The increasing use of new emerging technologies like IoT and blockchain have made the existing security networks more vulnerable to cybercrime. A recent report by CIO 100 reflects that about 50 percent of organizations faced security breaches in 2017 and 82 percent of firms are likely to increase their spend on the cybersecurity front. In this article at CIO UK, Thomas Macaulay shares some best practices and tips given by top business leaders to counter cyber thefts.

The Challenge

Security is one of the most crucial aspects for an organization, especially professional services sector. Therefore, protecting their assets against cybercrime is even more essential. Here are what the top technology leaders have to say about their cybersecurity approach:

Mark Stanton, CIO – NHS

Mark considers staff awareness as a primary need. Thus, NHS has introduced a two-fold approach to educate employees about cybersecurity threats. The first approach is to train them with an IT security module that comprises real-time exercises and then drive the poster and intranet campaigns to enhance their knowledge further. NHS is also focusing on becoming more digital by implementing electronically secured systems.

Elena Kvochko, CIO – Barclays

Elena has taken a more integrated approach termed as “Secure by Design” that comprises intelligence, innovation, resilience, and investigations for cyber and physical security. She believes that this approach can help them deliver more innovative and secured business to their clients or stakeholders.

Mark Holt, CTO – Trainline

Holt has gone a step ahead by integrating security in every aspect right from ideation till the end of the development process. He is willing to enhance the data protection practices further considering the launch of GDPR soon.

Mieke Kooij, Security Director – Trainline

Unlike Holt, Kooij believes in building a better work culture and adopting Agile working practices that would improve the system-human interaction and help them in early detection of cyber-attacks.

Kevin Evans, CIO – Sun Branding Solutions

Evans has come up with a detailed backup strategy through cloud storage with the option of immediate restoring. He has also outsourced some of the cybersecurity needs to Symantec, thereby getting 24/7 security coverage at a lesser cost.

David Jones, VP-IT – AEG

Jones appointed a new Information Security Director along with a team to ensure the implementation of best practices, strategic policies, and the security essentials.

Bharat Mistry, Security Strategist – Trend Micro

Mistry believes that the best data protection strategy is to employ a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who can act as a checkpoint against system hacks and cyber threats.

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