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How to Keep Your Service Desk Motivated?

Imagine the monotonous job of a service desk executive enslaved to a telephone and computer. Moreover, there are number irked users who are not happy with their IT services, filing complaints and constantly following-up on the actions taken by the service providers. It is inevitable to feel exhausted at some point. Still, the service desk executives continue multitasking.

In this article at Service Desk & IT Support Show (SITS), James West highlights some facts regarding lack of motivation among service desk managers, mentioned by Geoff Ramm, the Customer Service Speaker at SDI Conference.

The author states that the service desk managers need motivation to answer the boring customer inquiries.

Challenging Role

Sharing an instance of a celebrity service, Ramm explained how the service industry has been following the same principles for past 30 years. He said that the customer service desk people have been ardently following two rules— ‘exceed customer expectations’ and ‘go that extra mile’. No point explaining them the same points again in a different way.

Customer Turns Celebrity

Further suggesting the service desk people to treat each customer as a celebrity, Ramm noted how the attitude towards the service is changing gradually. Previously, the customer service desk queries were addressed by the call centers or customer service department. However, with changing time and the adoption of new trends, companies like Specsavers, Xerox, and IHG are open to hiring specialists to address customer queries.

The other departments in the organization that is not directly addressing customer demands need to understand the sensitive role they play in maintaining customer relationships. Quoting an instance of the finance department, Ramm elaborated how a minor glitch in the billing process may affect a customer’s perception towards the brand or company.

Every department plays a pivotal role in making or losing customers. Customer revisit showcases the efficiency of the service desk.

Delivering a memorable experience to the customer in every aspect ensures repeated business or loyalty. Thus, customer experience demands extended attention from all the departments.

The author aims to bring forth the untouched learning points about service desk management and tips to extend better customer experiences. Click on the following link to see the untold facts about ‘Celebrity Service’, the book by Geoff Ramm:

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