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How to Choose an Ideal Project Sponsor?

The role of project sponsors involves providing support to the manager and approval to allocate the required resources for the project. They are also eligible to define the project goals and objective. They are usually accountable for the project funding.

In this article at Association of Project Management, Scott Walkinshaw pins down the characteristics of an ideal project sponsor. The project sponsors need to maintain consistency without changing the direction of the project progress.

Traits to Keep in Mind

To tackle the complexities of project management, the sponsors must be able to influence stakeholders and increase fair chances of luring big-budget projects. They need to work on their networking skills to grab better opportunities, however, it comes gradually with the years of experience.

Who’s the Best?

The author categorizes three kinds of sponsors existing in the IT industry. One is “butterfly” project sponsor, who disappears easily and does not aim for full involvement in the project. The other one is “reluctant” sponsor, who is least aware of the project progress or other essential details. But the most influential is “representative” project sponsor, who takes ownership of every decision and is sensitive about the project impact on business.

The representative project manager is prone to transformation and is efficient in dealing with uncertain projects. The project sponsors can open multiple opportunities for the organization if they are given the right approach and direction.

An ideal sponsor has a deeper understanding of the future project deliverables and needs of the users. In fact, sometimes, the project sponsors are held responsible to define the project charter and to appoint the project manager.

Walkinshaw emphasizes on understanding the characteristics of the project sponsors before bringing them onboard. As the project sponsors play an equally essential role as a project manager does in making a project successful. You can read the original article by clicking the following link:

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