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Driving Digital Supply Chains with IoT: A Vision for Honeywell

With digitization expanding to every sphere of human life, supply chain networks are not far behind. In this race, two major technologies are trying to leverage their strengths for establishing digital supply chain networks. First among them is ERP application providers that consider digital supply chains to be an extended part of their own franchise. Next comes the Internet of Things (IoT) that is willing to experiment with disruptive ways to create digital supply chains. In this article at IT Business Edge, Mike Vizard shares the vision that Honeywell has towards this.

The Recent Developments

Utilizing the second category of technology, Honeywell has come up with a cloud-based tracking and tracing application. This application is empowered to drive the manufacturing process by validating the items used in it. Usha Iyer, VP-Marketing, Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions, gives the credit for this to a cloud platform – Honeywell Movilizer that is focused on delivering customized applications for different business verticals.

Right now, Honeywell is catering to the automotive vertical by using IoT with analytics to resolve its enduring issue of forged items.

The Future Vision

Iyer strongly believes that with the help of IoT, Honeywell can create systems capable of managing digital supply chains. Considering the common security concerns, Honeywell can establish an IoT framework that gathers all the necessary data to run a Big Data application on a cloud platform. According to Iyer, Honeywell has the expertise to counter the technical and cultural challenges that might come in the way. Moreover, it can also manage the stringent compliance rules and regulations associated with supply chain functions.

In addition, Iyer also envisions the possibility and future scope for blockchain technologies to help in this respect by preventing fraud scenarios. However, right now, they are totally focused on setting up IoT sensors, gateways, and cloud-based analytic applications to realize their dream of digital supply chains. To read the original article in full, visit the following link:

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