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Build Your Brand as a CIO

Self-promotion can be daunting at times, especially if you are placed in a top management position of the organization. As a C-suite professional, your actions, strategies and responses always play a big role in defining your ‘brand image’. Moreover, some additional factors are more likely to help you in building a positive image and can assist you to grab valuable opportunities for your organization as well. In this article at CIO UK, Christina Mercer shares numerous strategies to promote your personal brand.

How to Do It?

Brand building is a tough job. But, when executed the right way, it can work wonders for you. Here are some best practices that can set you on the right path:

Understand the purpose

Realize the importance of your actions and personal branding towards the organization’s growth and future. Some people might consider “branding” to be a sneaky tactic. However, they do fail to realize that sometimes this same tactic can be used as an effective tool to showcase your key values, be it on social media or business forums.

Be a master of the business

It is essential that, as a CIO, you know every facet of your business, be it customer base, revenue generation, internal policies, etc. This way you can strategize your branding approach better. Once you understand the average customer preferences, you can direct your branding strategy towards:

  • The social media platforms used by them
  • The best communication methods to be used
  • Their uncertainties or pleasures

Attend events

Do no limit your branding efforts to online space. Ensure that you participate in business conferences, meetings, and discussion forums. This way you can a build a better professional network.

Pay attention to your email signature

Your email signature should essentially include all your social media information. This is an easy way of getting attention from business stakeholders and maintaining consistent communication across all networks.

Develop a website

Nowadays, creating a website is just a day’s work. With the help of sites like GoDaddy, Wix and WordPress, you can easily set up a cost-effective personal website that talks about your professional background, work history, interests, and shares your opinions through blogs.

Never give up

This whole exercise of personal brand building can be time-consuming.  So, never lose hope if you don’t see immediate results. Be consistent in your efforts and keep your fingers crossed.

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Priyanka Chakraborty

Priyanka Chakraborty is a content specialist, currently a part of CAI Info India. She holds diverse experience in content writing spanning domains like Information Technology, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing, Nutrition, Health & Fitness, Photography, Website Design, Career Advancement, etc. In the past, she has worked with the leading job portal of India,, and then moved on to a UK-based online education company, Shaw Academy, before joining CAI India. A writer by day and a reader by night, she loves to explore her creative instincts further in art and painting.

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