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7 Tips to Bridge the Generation Gap in Project Teams

With never-ending conflicts between baby boomers and millennials, it is daunting for project managers to establish a sense of understanding among team members. Navigating the visible difference between two generations is far more complex than handling a lengthy project.

In this article at LiquidPlanner, Elizabeth Harrin offers to help all project managers who are facing the consequences of differences of opinions among team members in project delivery.

Mind the Gap

The project manager’s role is not just to manage a team, a project, and stakeholders. They are equally responsible for ensuring employee engagement and work-life balance. However, minor issues between colleagues may lead to major challenges in future.

The article aims to help project managers like you to resolve minor issues occurring between team members due to age, experience or designation. Here is how smartly you can resolve these issues.

Act Smart

  1. Identify the root cause of a conflict and try to resolve it with a futuristic approach. Taking a biased decision will surely shatter the confidence of your team. Try to maintain a balance between both the parties.
  2. Having conflicting viewpoints also create friction among colleagues. To resolve the same, offer flexibility and develop a sense of admiration for each other’s approaches.
  3. Bridging the generation gap does not mean bringing down all the team members at the same level. They need not become friends but must mend their ways in a manner that it will not affect project outcomes and their individual performances.
  4. Involvement of other teams or people may exaggerate the conflict. Keep the matter between two parties and make sure no one spreads gossip about it. It is easier to resolve a conflict behind the doors rather than discussing it with colleagues from other projects.
  5. Shifting focus towards project goals and deadlines may also help in managing generational conflict. Instead of criticizing each other, make them channelize all their energy in delivering a successful project.
  6. If needed, try and redesign the team and make it work. Keeping conflicting parties involved in different activities can be a good way to resolve a lasting struggle between two generations.

The author further suggests understanding the root cause of a long-term conflict between two people is practical. Drawing conclusions about age or generation is not wise. To read elaborate viewpoints of the author, follow the link below:

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