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4 Skills to Lift Project Managers Future by 2025

Fast emerging innovation in technology has given wings to many businesses and escalated the level of competition in the market. To match the level of competition, the project managers need to design their career graph for the next few years, decade, and even more than that.

In this article at LiquidPlanner, Sam Sauer enlists various skills the project managers need to acquire to prepare themselves for the years to come.

Escalating Trends

The experts predict some project management trends with the start of 2018. These trends will continue dominating market till 2025. It would be easier and beneficial to the project managers to tune into these trends from now onwards to remain upbeat with the market trends in the next few years.

The skills acquired by project managers will be an essential commodity for all businesses. Therefore, the project managers need to step-up to these skills if they want to continue delivering best projects ahead. Here is a list of skills required to design a better career in project management:

  1. Emotional Intelligence: Going forward, project managers need to score exceptionally well in team management, interpersonal and soft skills, or even in building a strong relationship with the stakeholders. The project managers possessing skills like emotional intelligence and self-motivation can surpass any challenges and organizations are aiming to hire such resources. An emotionally intellectual project manager can tackle any unforeseen circumstances in project development and showcase project progress. There are some online courses and self-help guides available online to improve this skill.
  2. Flexible Approach: New dimensions of technology is opening new avenues of opportunities for the project managers, all they need to do is, be adaptive to change and harness the same in the team. However, the nature of the job in project management always demands openness to deal with unexpected circumstances. The project managers can seek help from an online course to learn new approaches to bending rules.
  3. Remote Team Management: Fast adoption of remote project management has added this new point in the employer’s list of candidate selection. While hiring project managers, employers seek experience in remote team handling. Of course, the experienced managers know everything about the learning curve, but the new managers need to acquire skills of seamless communication and tracking for the remote teams. Those who are not dealing with remote teams, they must practice it in advance to be future ready and add one more skill on their resume.
  4. Proficiency in Data Science: Even though IoT, AI, and automation created a sensation in previous years, these terms are expected to be more logical in coming years. As the companies continue adopting advanced technologies, the day is not far when the project manager will talk to systems or programs to find problem areas and replace managerial tasks through robots.

Technical proficiency alone cannot make a project manager ready for future endeavors. To deal with unforeseen circumstances, project managers need to become change managers that are skilled to bring positive outcomes from any situation. Be progressive and future ready by clicking the link below:

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