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3 Hacks to Improve Email Marketing Images

Despite the sharp rise in the usage of social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter for digital marketing, email remains the first preference of big corporates. As per the Campaign Monitor report, email marketing continues to dominate the other channels of marketing with a $44 ROI for every dollar spent in 2016, as compared to $38 in 2015.

In this article at Business2Community, Kevin Linden states that effective email campaigns may open huge business opportunities if designed to target virtually all age group people. He says, using compelling images in the email will improve the chances of getting maximum clicks.

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Subscribers are swamped with infinite emails daily. Even though the marketers believe their campaign is extraordinary, the readers don’t find it different. This is the reason the author suggests using quirky images to leave a lasting impact on a reader’s mind. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Creating Urgency: It is possible by using the versatile strategy of ‘countdown timers’ to announce flash sales, special discounts or upcoming events. The strategy encourages the target consumers to take instant action like purchasing the product to exhaust the discount coupon. The users can customize the time by either setting start time as the recipients open their email or by using ‘formatted date merge tag’ to a specific The campaign may create sensation fast if created with catchy images and taglines.
  2. Real-time Show: If the user wants to spread live information through email, this strategy is fit to reflect the accurate time. Use bright and bold images to create lasting impact on the reader’s memory. Be it for sharing live sports score, webinar info or total count of a number of purchases made during a sale season, usage of real-time images is endless.
  3. Personalize Images: One of the most active ways to gain traction for email marketing is using personalized content and images in the subject line of the campaign. The personalized messages can easily connect with the subscribers. It gains instant attention of the readers and makes your campaign stand out in the crowd. The users can place the subscriber’s name in the subject line to give a personalized touch to the email. Many companies offer customized birthday or anniversary discount code to attract customer attention. Focus on the buying behavior of the customer and create an innovative personalized email.

The author states that images are the soul of an email campaign as they can bring unexpected response from the subscribers. Using them wisely can bring anticipated results for the marketers. To learn more creative ways of an email campaign, read the original article at the following link:

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