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14 Roles That IT Portfolio Management Requires

Roles in IT portfolio management are indicative of individuals that are entrusted with specific tasks. These tasks are related to programs or projects in IT organizations. In this article at the University of Waterloo, you get to know about the different roles that enable IT portfolio management.

Roles and Their Related Responsibilities

Though there are quite a few roles that are critical for an IT portfolio, you can hold more than one role for the same or different projects or programs. Following are the 14 roles:

  1. Business analyst
  2. Customer
  3. Enterprise architect
  4. Functional manager
  5. IT governance
  6. PMO manager
  7. Program business change manager
  8. Program manager
  9. Project manager
  10. Project owner
  11. Project team
  12. Sponsor
  13. Stakeholder
  14. Subject matter expert

Customer: You have made the request for the product or service that a program or project should be delivering.

Sponsor, Stakeholder, and Project Owner: As a sponsor, you hold the top position that discusses curiosity or apprehension regarding project outcomes and achievement. A project owner heads the business entity delivering the project or program and is responsible for a project’s success. However, anybody involved in the project, be it a sponsor, customer, manager, or a team member, can be called a stakeholder as the project outcome will affect all of them.

IT Governance Team and the PMO Manager: If you are in the IT governance team, you are responsible for leading and managing the project or program by addressing “issues, changes, resources (human and fiscal), communications, status/progress reporting, risks, quality, procurement and project closure.” As a PMO, you form a part of the governance framework.

Managers—Change and Functional: Being the change manager, you must manage the impacts of the changes that the program is introducing in the organization. As the functional manager, you can control a department and have direct authority over resources associated with the functions you are supervising.

Enterprise Architect and Business Analyst: An enterprise architect is the think tank of a project or program that gives ideas by researching on the latest trends in the market and advocates suitable project delivery techniques and strategies. As a business analyst, you are the messenger that updates stakeholders regarding “business needs, structure, processes, policies and operations.”

Managers—Program and Project: If you are a program manager, it is your responsibility to see that the program attains the agreed-upon vision for programs. As a project manager, you must ensure that the project objectives are met at the end of the project lifecycle.

Project Team and Subject Matter Expert: As a team member you are directed and provided with the necessary framework and infrastructure to deliver projects, keeping in mind the business goals. As a subject matter expert, it is your job to see that all the details regarding a project or program are correct.

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