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What to Know About Transformational Leadership

Transformational leaders are those that create efficient employees without controlling their every move. The term “transformational leadership” denotes to this style where leaders praise creativity, instill a sense of responsibility, and create an inclusive culture keeping the future growth of the company in mind. In this article at CIO, Sarah K. White describes how transformational leadership paves the way to more innovative employees and ultimately better leaders.

The ABC’s of Transformational Leadership

James V. Downton came up with the concept in 1973 and was developed further by James Burns in 1978. In 1985, Bernard M. Bass explained how it can be measured.

This concept allows leaders to provide honest and capable leadership to their teams who further the act by becoming one themselves. Bass insisted that transformational leadership differs from other styles. You are one of them, if you have the following traits:

  1. A person with positive attitude and a leadership style that everyone aspires for
  2. A model employee who instills a moral responsibility in others towards the company
  3. A believer in transparency, prioritization, and values at work
  4. A motivator who encourages others to look beyond personal goals
  5. An ardent follower of credibility, collaboration, and clarity
  6. A coach and a mentor who trusts employees’ decision-making abilities

Though this leadership style is applicable to all, digital transformation is imploring IT to take it seriously. However, some parts of IT must be more organized, dependable, and unfailing in their dealings, so they need transactional leadership. These leaders believe in getting work done through bonuses and penalties as they expect steady, expected results by leaving no room for errors.

Transformational leadership is required in agile environments where you can afford making mistakes. Though it is necessary to encounter less or no risk, you should give your employees the freedom to grow. The author has provided a list of links where you can get training and certifications in transformational leadership.

White has concluded this article by jotting down a list of leaders who set an example in transformational leadership. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, Reed Hastings, the Chairman of Netflix, and Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, are some of the visionaries who made it to that list.

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