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Newbie to IT Asset Management? 5 Tips for You

IT asset management (ITAM) is a business practice that aims to extend project cost and funding decisions by easing risk and improved IT services. In this article at Joe the IT Guy, Joe highlights the major challenges a newbie faces while implementing IT asset management business.

Future Footsteps for Newbies

The author suggests some impactful tips to ease your ITAM Journey:

  1. With ITAM, it is essential to set your scope. Determine what will make the biggest impact in your organization by the next quarters.
  2. Understand your limitations and focus on business pain points. A little research can lead you to urgent and business critical issues that need immediate action. These issues are troublesome to the organizations but may help you market your success.
  3. Early ITAM should be made in areas where you would receive immediate recognition through their resultant benefits. This is applicable for two cases—by focusing on software and SAM and by monitoring software costs and compliance risks, as per the Pareto principle.
  4. ITAM does not end with a project or within a time period. It is an ongoing process. Changing technologies, software, hardware, or even employee roles cannot make any major difference in the ITAM activities.
  5. Be proactive in finding lucrative opportunities to reduce costs while paving the way into the future endeavors. It is possible only by investing in the most suitable people, processes, and ITAM-enabled services. It also involves forward planning with the aim of getting the best possible result.

ITAM needs careful business planning, that too way ahead of time, to maintain big contracts that are on the verge of revival. It will also boost the overall asset management. The tips shared by the author aims to bring better results to the newbies. Follow the link below, to read the original article:

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