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Can Machine Learning Improve ITSM?

As per HDI’s 2017 Technical Support Practices and Salaries Report, last year there was a 55 percent increase in ticket volume in 55 percent of support organizations. On the other hand, cost per ticket rose from US$18 to US$25. In this article at, Vesna Soraic narrates how automation and machine learning can make ITSM and IT service desk smarter by reducing human mistakes and improving quality and speed.

Improvement Scope for ITSM

  1. Chatbots and virtual support can recommend newsflash, articles, services, etc. from knowledge materials and public requests by learning end user demands. This will help in faster issue resolution leading to enhanced user experience and a smaller ticket volume.
  2. Smarter IT can give early risk notifications and personalized solutions to users about probable risks. A proactive IT support will be appreciated by the end users.
  3. Knowledge management system can monitor the links users avoid clicking while searching for information. Also, the articles and websites that have negative voting could be removed from search recommendations. Users will be more self-reliant and IT service desk can come up with solutions faster with better search results.
  4. Hot-topic analytics technology can surf through all data sources to locate topics or keywords that are in demand. It is also possible to identify and resolve common problems quickly. This application can then convert the common trends or problems into knowledge articles to have ready solutions.
  5. Smart ticketing can enable users to raise tickets by sending short email messages or photo attachments through mobile devices. The received information is classified, and ticket is automatically populated and directed to appropriate service agents for resolution. The information can be rectified and reassigned if incorrect or insufficient. The technology can improve performance by avoiding past mistakes through machine learning. This will reduce support time and cost and manual work.
  6. Smart email system can create tickets based on a user’s email content sent to the service desk. It can automatically reply with links to suggested solutions. This automatic ticketing system will make users more satisfied and service desk less worked up.
  7. Modern change analytics and management can help change managers or agents in optimizing suggestions to increase change success rate. The technology can record the suggested changes by agents for that configuration item. Changes are then scheduled and change managers are informed in case of any failure. This technology will aid in faster change management that is within budget and need less customizations.

Machine learning has the power to convert ITSM into a smarter support system with automatic issue resolution abilities and improved service management. To view the original article in full, visit the following link:


Indrani Roy

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