Ways to Use Business Intelligence to Your Advantage

Big data without purpose is just a big mess of data. You need to have a logical strategy if data is to act as genuine business intelligence. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels uses Julian Burnett, CIO of retailer House of Fraser, as an example of someone who uses big data in the right way to create a competitive advantage.

Smart Data Use

Burnett has created a strategy for effective data consumption, and it was borne out of a question he asked at the beginning of his tenure:

“How many people consume how many reports every day?” he says, referring to the query he posed to the rest of the business. “The answer to that question gives you an indication of just how messy things are — and in our case, there were about 800 active users in the centre who were consuming about 18,000 reports every day. That felt like an awful lot of information and it probably wasn’t being consumed effectively.”

Burnett said the realisation allowed him to define a significant opportunity around the creation of insight. He started a process of consolidating and improving data flows around the business…

Even with business intelligence coming in though, it is important to always think of it as a work in progress—because it is. For instance, perhaps report generation can be further simplified or reduced, or maybe tools can be reworked to convey information faster. In Burnett’s case, he has also used algorithms to augment data capabilities, which has improved performance by upward of 25 percent in some cases.

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