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CIOs Must Build Adaptive IT Workforces

Traditional workforce models have always attempted to be like castles: strong, sturdy, and reliable. But when it comes to IT, rigidness is a fatal flaw that has kept organizations years behind the curve. With new technologies, processes, and programs coming out every day, IT needs to find ways to take on a more rapid pace. In an article for CIO magazine, Diana Bersohn and McCree Lake explain why CIOs need to develop adaptive workforces.

Working towards a Better Workforce

Naturally when the technology changes, so does the skill set in demand for an IT organization. Some are only needed for a short period of time so the organization can adapt to a newer landscape, like moving an organization from legacy systems to a more cloud-based environment. Businesses also need to not only adopt elements like agile, but use them to reshape business strategies. In specialized cases, where innovation is needed, businesses can consider internally “crowdsourcing” for ideas that push the business forward.

The authors also offer up three strategies for building a future workforce. The first is to align talent with need, so the best people can fill the roles that they’re needed in the most. The second is to try new approaches with the workforce, focusing less on overall structures and more on how individual roles and capabilities interact for an intended effect. The final strategy is to digitize training:

Work will increasingly be organized around projects and modularized technology output. For instance, organizations may create business and technology teams focused on specific chunks of work that can then be redeployed as a unit in another area. Organizations will offer training that meets the needs of individuals, and they will deliver it in a way that is accessible (online) to encourage continuous learning, e.g., short, consumable technology-specific online learning modules composed of different digital media.

For additional thoughts, you can view the original article here:

Austin J. Gruver

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