3 Misconceptions to Dispel about AI

AI used to be something exciting and futuristic, but IT organizations have already managed to turn it into something boring and confusing for the average person. IT leaders need to clarify what exactly AI is at this nascent stage to the business. In an article for the Enterprisers Project, Minda Zetlin shares three misconceptions of current AI to debunk:

  1. AI is comparable to human intelligence.
  2. AI will overtake human intelligence.
  3. AI is more trustworthy than human intelligence.

Kind-of AI

Humans are extremely good at learning whatever they are driven to learn. By comparison, AI is super extremely good at learning how to do specified tasks, but it is easily confounded by things that would not trip up a human. The odd example the article gives is that an AI would be incapable of naming five examples of alien baby names. (Like I said—odd.) And the reason for it is that most AI works on regression and acting based upon past experiences; AI does not have the context to formulate some great alien baby names. Thus, the “intelligence” in AI is not akin to human intelligence at all, and it is a far, far way off from comprehensively usurping human intellect.

Along those lines, it is important to remember that we must not place blind faith in AI, in spite of how deeply and undeniably useful it will be moving forward:

Self-driving cars have logged more total miles without fatalities than human drivers, but one did cause a death last year when it mistook the side of a semi truck for the sky. “Having blinders on about risk with AI is a big mistake,” [Anthony Scriffignano, Ph.D., senior vice president and chief data scientist at Dun & Bradstreet] notes. “For example, AI brings in all the data it has and considers it all true, but maybe some of it was true and isn’t true anymore. There are a lot of risks associated with taking your hands off the wheel, or letting AI drive a process and taking people out of the loop.”

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John Friscia

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