Should Media Companies Fear Amazon?

Amazon is a modern marvel in the consumer space. So as they move into media world, should other businesses be concerned? In a post for Gartner, Ted Chamberlin gives reasons why Amazon should and shouldn’t be feared.

Fearing the Amazon?

Chamberlin start off by stating why Amazon should be revered as an immediate industry threat:

Amazon Video has really begun to move into a higher profile with projected investments in original content to tune of $5Billion in 2018.  They have also toyed around with jumping into a add supported live video streaming services to keep up with Playstation Vue, Sling TV and Hulu live.  Amazon Primes deal to stream NFL games is genius; they will fix the lackluster experience. The totality of what Amazon and AWS [have] and can do to innovate in the media space is hugely disruptive.

However, the flip side is that Amazon Web Services offers many applications, but they don’t have an all-encompassing management framework to go over top of it all. Chamberlin says Amazon also lacks synergy among various components, including their content delivery network, DNS, security platform, and their elemental team. Still, on the whole, fears of being disrupted or intruded upon by Amazon carry serious weight.

For more thoughts, you can view the full post here:

Austin J. Gruver

Austin is a Staff Writer for AITS. He has a background in professional writing from York College.

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