Dig into the Data So You Can Have Happier Customers

In a world where Amazon, Facebook, and countless other industry titans are using data to help keep their customers happy, not using this advantage would be foolish. The goal now is to create a great experience between the customer and the brand so that the customer remains happy and continues to consume content. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels gives some advice for how to use this data to your advantage:

  1. Get customer consent to develop data-led innovations.
  2. Focus on solving the challenges your clients face.
  3. Find the right balance between service improvements and profits.

Happy Customer, Happy Life

The first step to getting happier customers is to get them involved in the innovation process. Bring them into testing what your data labs can create so they can provide feedback, input, or even just test if the service or product is working out as planned. Samuels notes that this focus on the client should also include solving the challenges your clients face:

[Saul Lopes, customer lifecycle lead at Virgin Holidays], who spoke at the recent Adobe CX Forum in London, has focused on data and communications, creating a 37 per cent increase in revenue from customer relationship management. Through this approach, Virgin Holidays has developed omni-channel engagement that has led to an improvement in customer experiences.

The business used Adobe Campaign to help cut its dependence on 44 data tables, with 2,000 variables, to seven data tables, with just 200 variables. The firm homed in on key areas and now uses a variety of techniques to boost experiences, include a booking celebration email, a holiday countdown, and clear information on visas and seat bookings.

The trick here with data is to not go overboard and over-analyze your clients. No one likes to know they’re being watched and pandered to, so instead offer it as an addition to content that may align with what they like.

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Austin J. Gruver

Austin is a Staff Writer for AITS. He has a background in professional writing from York College.

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