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5 Ways to Use Visual Project Management

In school, people learned that there are different types of learners: audio learners, visual learners, etc. And the rise of YouTube and similar services has reawakened the visual learner in all of us. It might be useful to retool your project management style to accommodate for visual learning. In a post at A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin reviews five ways to make for “visual project management”:

  1. Visual planning tools
  2. Mind maps
  3. Dashboards
  4. Photos
  5. Videos

Seeing Is Understanding

Visual planning tools are already abundant in projects, from Gantt charts to kanban boards. But you can also take truncated versions of those charts and boards—versions that focus just on milestone tracking—and insert them into project reports for stakeholders. It might be more intuitively absorbed than just a standard list of dates.

Likewise, mind maps might be used as a supplementary way of displaying project requirements. This will not work every time, but in a project where requirements are well defined up front, a mind map can provide a more digestible way (at least a top level) to absorb all the moving pieces of requirements.

And while you inevitably already know the ins and outs of your dashboards, Harrin further recommends printing a PDF of your data or sending an electronic copy when you have access to useful visuals that other team members do not. A good snapshot always helps:

Photos and screenshots can be used in many different ways, even on projects where the output is not something particularly photogenic.

Another implication for the social web spilling over into the way we do work is that people want to connect more with the personalities behind the projects. Sharing photos of your team in a workshop, or out on site, can really make the project seem more real, which in turn can improve engagement.

Lastly, a quick video can be a strong way to report on progress or make a simple tutorial, and the tools exist now to create such things. You might as well Google your options and dream up if there might be a way that videos can enhance your project management.

For further thoughts, you can view the original post here:

John Friscia

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