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Foundational Issues to Revisit If You’re Struggling as a Manager

Not every manager has a rock-solid foundation to build their success upon. Sometimes, you’re just thrown into the position with little training and have to make the most of it. Anyone without the proper preparation is forced to fend for themselves and often find themselves struggling. In a post at his blog, Art Petty explains how you build or rebuild your foundations as a manager.

Fixing the Foundation

The first step to becoming a better manager is to reevaluate your role. Previously, a manager would be concerned with control and oversight, but nowadays they are about coaching for performance, coaching for development, and sponsorship. Coaching for performance involves working with the team to create goals and then providing regular feedback. Coaching for development is about creating opportunities for growth and education to promote change. Sponsorship is essentially shorthand for you being responsible and accountable for the well-being of the project.

Everyone is looking for ways to determine how trustworthy you are. A good way to demonstrate trustworthiness is through your values because they can help show the motivation behind your actions. Petty says the more specific the values the better, like these examples he uses:

  • Personal accountability for results is inviolable. Your commitment is your commitment. My commitment is commitment.
  • Collaboration is non-negotiable. Collaborate as a model team member, or you will leave the team.
  • The Do Must Match the Tell for all of us. Every single day.
  • Fight like crazy over tasks, but it can never be personal. Respect is non-negotiable. It must be present in every interchange.
  • When we screw up, we must own it. We also must forgive as long as the mistake is one we learn from and strive never to repeat.

The final way to rebuild your foundation as a manager is to become more connected with your team. For those who like the interaction aspect, increase that as need be. To others who enjoy having more space and autonomy, then give them that space. The value here is that you keep everyone involved and connected.

You can view the original post here: https://artpetty.com/2017/11/02/struggling-manager/

Austin J. Gruver

Austin is a Staff Writer for AITS. He has a background in professional writing from York College.

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