How to Convince Your C-Suite to Commit to Digital Transformation

Committing to digital transformation is now a must for businesses to stay competitive. However, the C-suite isn’t always completely on board with the idea. For starters, there isn’t a big technology or practice to rally around as a sure-fire means to digitally transform. So how can you translate this for your CXOs to understand? In an article for Tech Republic, Alison DeNisco Rayome explains how you can convince your C-suite to dive into digital transformation.

When the C-Suite Sees the Light

Getting the C-suite on the track to accepting digital transformation requires some work for IT. More often than not, giving them a service to order or a download on their device can help show the benefits of such technologies in action. They need to be able to grasp the concept that the advantages aren’t just derived from the technology itself, but the experiences that are created from it. Working across silos and departments will enable this change:

Digital transformation requires more than just the IT and business sides working together, [Gianni Giacomelli, senior vice president and business leader for digital solutions at Genpact] said. “To get true enterprise-wide impact from digital transformation, human resources and learning and development teams also have a big role to play,” he added. “HR, IT, and business teams … need to partner together more closely to get the most out their employees as jobs and functions evolve.”

Change management is the driving force for digital transformation success, Giacomelli said. “Without effective change management, digital transformation is dead in the water,” he added. “If companies don’t implement an effective change management plan, they cannot adapt to new digital technology, as well as the human and labor components.”

This will require the company to think of the scale of these changes and how to approach people with reservations on the idea. With proper change management and a firm understanding, you can convince your C-suite to adopt digital transformation sometime soon.

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Austin J. Gruver

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