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How to Align Project Goals to Strategy

Everyone likes to talk about aligning project goals to business strategy. There’s only one tiny problem: No one likes to explain how to do this. In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Elizabeth Harrin explains how to align project goals with strategy.

Assessing Alignment

One of the major challenges that alignment presents is that businesses are moving at a breakneck speed to keep up with emerging technologies and trends. There are constant shifts in what we consider good ideas or revolutionary. Now, project management professionals don’t always have easy access to the business strategy because you just don’t have the connections or authority to know it. Knowing this strategy is pivotal to your success though, so make sure you read the business case and ask questions if it is not clear and concise. Harrin also notes there are some other things you can do as well:

  • Talk to your manager.
    Talk to your Project Management Office team. These people should have an idea of what the strategy is or how you can find out about it.
  • Read the Annual Report.
    There is often a summary of strategy and commentary on the direction the business is taking in the corporate annual report. Even if your company is not obliged to prepare an annual report, they may make some kind of statement that covers the views of the execs.

If they’re reluctant to show you this strategy, it’s a red flag for your business.

Ultimately, each of your project’s goals should support some element of strategy. It is not enough for a project to just sound inherently exciting or groundbreaking. After all, a groundbreaking project that falls outside of the business’s normal operating scope may not have anything to do with the existing strategy. And by definition, the projects that most directly support strategy should be deemed the most valuable.

For more thoughts, you can view the original post here:

Austin J. Gruver

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