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How AI Will Change IT Service Management

AI is not right at your doorstep as some would like you to believe, but the time is now to start understanding what it can do to transform operations. AI will revolutionize multiple facets of how businesses operate. In a post for SITS, Marcel Shaw discusses three areas of ITSM that will be impacted by AI:

  • Point of entry
  • Automated backend processes
  • Knowledge management

Service Management Gets an AI Upgrade

When it comes to incident and request creation, Shaw has firsthand witnessed some issues with the process behind it. There were often requests misfiled as incidents and vice versa, which in turn would delay or lose the incident or request. ITSM spends more time than necessary in this area out of fear that miscommunication might cost an arm and a leg. However, AI embedded in automated chat bots will allow for incidents and requests to be filed more accurately at a low cost.

AI can also help in automated backend processes. The system could track an error and have a request for it to be fixed without it ever having human contact. Shaw further goes into detail on how AI will integrate itself into other technologies:

The power of AI in ITSM will manifest itself through integration with other technologies on the network. For example, integrating an ITSM solution with a solution that provides IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) would enable your ITSM solution to be notified of potential network issues.

Based on patterns, an ITSM solution powered by AI will learn as it updates its knowledge database, ultimately improving how it reacts to any issue. In other words, AI will learn from past experiences…For example, imagine the ITSM system that is integrated with an ITOA solution, is also integrated with security. If the ITOA solution detected an increased amount of browser crashes throughout the day, it would report back to the ITSM department that there was a potential problem.

Lastly, knowledge management could also get an upgrade from AI. AI could seek answers to queries quickly and seek information from trusted locations in the cloud when the answer is not available locally. Or put another way, the AI will do the googling on your behalf.

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Austin J. Gruver

Austin is a Staff Writer for AITS. He has a background in professional writing from York College.

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